​Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long does a session last?
A: Most sessions last one hour or slightly more.

Q: Will I need any kind of special equipment for my session?
A: No. If we are conducting your session by phone, it is helpful if your phone has a speaker. However it is not necessary. Also Ed loves to work with clients on Skype if they have it on their computer. Skype allows them to view him as he is teaching them. Again it is not necessary though, only helpful.

Q: Will my physical or emotional issue really be gone after the session?
A: Most can be eliminated after a session or two. Generally a single cause or event has precipitated the issue. So by focusing on that cause or event and using EFT (tapping),
the issue is erased.

Q: How will I know my issue really is gone?
A: You will definitely feel different after going through the session. It will not have the same extreme charge or feeling which precipitated the pain or anxiety in you. Many times, you suddenly will be interacting as if you never had the issue.

Q: Is more than one session ever needed to eliminate an issue?
Approximately 20% of the time, a second session is needed, sometimes more. The reason for this is due to the issue having more than one precipitating event or cause bringing it about. Ed’s objective is to discover each event or cause and erase the physical or emotional charge or pain that the client experiences or remembers. Sometimes the client will not recall them and Ed has to delve deeper to discover them and sort them out. Therefore additional sessions are needed.

Certain mental issues and addictions are good examples where more than one session is required. When such issues are present, Ed will recommend that the client work with a personal physician or therapist also.

If you are wondering whether your specific issue may require more than one session, please ask us about it when you call to schedule your first session.

Q: Will my issue come back?
A: In our experience, we have found that a majority of issues truly are gone. If an issue does show up again, it means there is another underlying cause or causes not discovered during the your first session or it has come about due to another recent event causing it.  For example, if you have a pain in your leg from an injury that you have tapped away, you could injure it again and experience a new pain.

Q: Why is your method for eliminating physical and emotional issues better than other methods?
A: It not our intention to compare our method with other methods. It is your decision to investigate what is available to you and then come to a conclusion about what method seems to resonate with you. We will tell you this .... almost all of our clients have told us that the reason they resonated with our method was due to its simplicity, its low cost and the short amount of time needed to get results

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