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Do Listeners & Viewers On Your Radio, Podcast or Television Shows Have Issues They Can’t Get Rid Of?

Physical Pain?     Depression?     Grief?      Anxiety?     Stress?

Anger?      Fears?     Insomnia?     Abuse Memories?     Phobias?

​You can actually tap away issues quickly and easily using a special procedure called EFT or you can help to dissolve them with magical sound frequencies using special tuning forks. The results are truly amazing! It’s something you have to experience to believe. Most people experience great relief as their issues disappear even though the issues may have plagued them for years.

​​They Don't Have to Live in ​Distress

​​We​ invite you to ​contact Ed for your next special program. Ed will teach your listeners and viewers ​​the ​amazing EFT technique on the air so they can get results in real time. You also may request that Ed teach them how magical sound frequencies can help them dissolve their issues.

As a third option, you may request that Ed teach them how to transmit long distance healing energy to help people ​in healing their issues.  Yes, it really works no matter where they are located.  

​​You Can Have Ed on Your Show!

​​Ed teaches hands-on healing techniques and works with your ​​listeners & viewers to ​show them how they work​! ​​Ed can also address metaphysical topics- ​timely subjects for living in today’s ​complicated times.

Isn't it time to call?

 ​Workshops are available for people to learn more about EFT, sound healing and his teachings.


​Contact ​Ed at 207-592-2032

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