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Ed Kuiper can help you get rid of it.  Did you know that approximately one out of every ten people has an agonizing unwanted phobia. Most people simply choose to live with their phobias and continue to feel helpless at the most inconvenient times when confronted with them.


Ed will teach you how to use a quick effective method to get rid of your phobia called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is a simple and easy way of tuning into your issue and then tapping certain points on your face, hands and body. There are no drugs or equipment involved and there are no side effects.

Your cost for a session is $100. To make it easier, Ed will help you by phone, Skype or in person. A majority of the time only one session will be necessary. However, sometimes additional sessions will be necessary for clients who have more complicated phobias. See "Frequently Asked Questions" for information about complicated phobias.

You can expect very positive results. More often than not, you will find yourself extremely happy when you find your phobia gone. So give yourself a wonderful gift and >>> Schedule a session with Ed


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Fear of Bridges & Elevated Roads - ELIMINATED

I had an extreme fear of traveling over bridges and elevated roads. It was so bad that I found myself avoiding them whenever I couldAfter Ed used the EFT technique with me, my fear completely disappeared and I now am able to travel over bridges and elevated roads with no difficulty.

A great example of this is when I recently vacationed in a country which had many high mountains. I actually drove with no fear on the high winding elevated roads which went over these mountains. Can you believe it? It made me feel so empowered. I actually feel that I have finally regained my independence. 
Because of its effectiveness, I now am using EFT in my work. I work with victims of violent crimes and their families and am finding it helps them eliminate anxiety. It truly is a blessing in their lives.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for teaching me EFT and showing me how effective it can be.

Executive Director
Crime Victims Resource Network 
Miami, Florida 

Fear of Wasps - ELIMINATED

I had an unexplained fear of wasps as long as I could remember. When I crossed paths with a wasp, I would go into a panic state. I would have to get away from it any way I could. A wasp could be twenty feet away from me and I still would be a wreck.

After doing one EFT session with Ed, I found myself relaxed around wasps and no longer felt panic. It was such a freedom to not feel that intense fear and to not worry about encountering a wasp. Just recently, I noticed a hint of fear again. So I decided to go through the EFT process in my mind. When I did this, I suddenly felt entirely relaxed again. Since then, I have had several close encounters with wasps and once again I have reacted calmly with minimal tension and fear...AMAZING.
Naples, Florida

Fear of Meeting New People - ELIMINATED
Although it was hard to admit to myself, a social phobia was my issue. I noticed that I was extremely fearful every time I had to go into a social situation where I knew I would be meeting new people. I actually would panic and obsess about it when I knew it was going to happen. In my mind, I would tell myself this was normal and everyone else had the same issue. In reality I knew this was not the case. 

My social phobia came to a head not long ago. I had just landed my dream job teaching at a community college in my area. I was in my car, in route, to teach my first day as an English professor. My stomach was sick, I almost felt dizzy, and I didn’t think my legs would carry me into the Humanities building. It was really BAD. At that point, I was familiar with Ed Kuiper and what he was doing with EFT. I decided this would be a good time to attempt to contact him. So I called him from my car and luckily reached him. Well by the end of the session with Ed, my anxiety literally was gone and I felt a sense of peace. I actually was able to go in and teach with confidence, instead of bumbling through my first day. 

Since then, I have surprisingly found it easier to go into social situations and meet new people. I had honestly thought that EFT would NOT work, but it DID work. I would recommend Ed Kuiper to anyone experiencing any kind anxiety. He is positive and patient and will not give up until your issue is at rest. 

English Professor & Teacher,
Windsor, Maine

Fear of Heights & Edges - ELIMINATED

I had been suffering from an intense fear of heights as well as edges for over 20 years. The third step on a step ladder was as high as I could go ... flying in a plane was absolutely life altering.... being in a building above the second floor was panic time because I could not go near a window .... being near the edge of a road, or the edge of someone's deck or any other type of edge would cause me to become terrorized. I knew that all of this was not normal and should not be happening to me. 

My motivation to help myself came to a head when I recently moved to Panama. I found that many roads in Panama run along mountains which have sharp edges and no guard rails. These roads caused me to drive VERY SLOWLY and be extremely nervous and sweaty. At this point, I had read about EFT and its benefits, but I hadn't done anything about it. Then I saw that Ed Kuiper was holding an EFT introductory seminar in Volcan which was a nearby town. I decided to go and find out if EFT could help me. 

With my permission, Ed had me get up in front of the audience and talk about my phobia. He then led me through a session where I spoke an affirmation and began tapping. Suddenly something happened to me and I felt a change taking place. A couple of days later, Ed stopped at my house and gave me another session. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to a party at a canyon-edge home and found myself calmly walking to the edge and looking down and feeling relaxed with no fear. I am happy to report that I now am able to drive on the roads close to their edges without problems. Added to this, I recently was in a hospital on the 7th floor and had NO problems going to the window and looking down at the traffic. 

The transformation to my life has been absolutely amazing and I am thrilled. EFT really does work!!!

Caldera, Panama”

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