Ride the Happiness Wave


Ride the Happiness Wave is a stimulating primer about happiness. It is metaphysical in nature as it advises, suggests and recommends how you can activate happiness that already is within you. The beauty of what you are being told is that it really works and it’s very spiritual.

Ed Kuiper, the author, decided to write the book when he had an amazing metaphysical experience which provided him with a new mind-expanding way of looking at happiness. He intuitively understood that what he was being taught was to be passed on to everyone his life touched.  Writing this book was the result.

Specifically you will learn…

  • How to recognize the metaphysical nature of happiness as you activate and use it with people in your life.
  • How to do certain actions every day that will quickly and easily create happiness within you and others.
  • How to become more fully immersed in the feeling of happiness by doing short supportive suggestions every dat that relate to those actions.
  • How to use happiness to solve a multitude of problems and issues you could encounter in your life.
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