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Most of Ed’s clients want to learn as much as they can about tapping, understand what it is, how it works, and where it came from. ​

EFT is a technique of focusing on a issue or problem you have and then tapping certain points (meridians) on your face, hands and body. This releases negative energy related to your issue or problem which literally has been caught up in your energy system. What is disturbing you then disappears more times than not. Sounds simple, doesn't it? And it is! And it works quickly a majority of the time.

​The main premise of EFT is that all of your emotional issues are interruptions in your energy system. This includes physical pain, depression, phobias, grief, stress, anxiety, anger, fears, insomnia, addictions, panic attacks, self image issues and abuse memories. It doesn't matter how long you have had them. They generally can be tapped away painlessly. Really!

EFT has been around since the 1980s and only now is becoming visible and accepted. As you know, most of us do not accept new concepts quickly. For example, in 1920 Albert Einstein presented us with his Theory of Relativity and told us everything is made up of energy including human beings. We chose to ignore his premise until just recently before accepting it. We also are just beginning to accept EFT as a most effective healing modality.

The original concept of tapping on meridians of the head, body and hands to heal physical and emotional issues was developed by Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist. Gary Craig, an engineer out of Stanford University, then simplified Dr. Callahan's findings and founded EFT by developing a single tapping system which can be used for any physical or emotional issue. He concluded that "all negative emotions are interruptions in your energy system" and can be dramatically helped by focusing on your issue and then tapping.

We hear more every day that many conventional healing treatments (western medicine) only treat our symptoms and not the underlying causes of our medical issues. As a result, various energy healing modalities (eastern medicine) are now becoming utilized and practiced by people such as Reiki, Acupuncture, QiGong, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Color Healing, various types of massages and many more. A huge ground swell is occurring as millions are turning to these modalities. Although EFT is not considered eastern medicine, it too is an energy healing modality and we are beginning to make it part of that same ground swell. What is most important is EFT is one of the most effective healing modalities we have ever seen or used.


To illustrate the effectiveness of EFT, here is what
 some special clients of Ed have to say:


​Chris P., ​ Naples, FL.

​​When I met Ed Kuiper, I honestly never imagined my longstanding and crippling fear of flying would ever disappear. Not only had my fear forced me to miss the wedding of my best friend, but it had seriously hampered vacation and travel opportunities with my wife. Worst of all, it had negated multiple business opportunities which had been made available to me. I agreed to try EFT at a class Ed was teaching. I had not flown in 10 years at this point, but with one simple treatment, my fear of flying literally disappeared! 

Not decreased! Not became more manageable! IT DISAPPEARED! It was gone! Had I not had this life altering experience, I may never have overcome my fear of flying. I would never have been able to accept my position with the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. I would never have been a part of two Stanley Cup Championships. Most important, I would have never learned this simple yet truly transformative technique of EFT which I now use and pass on to my clients.


​Cecilia M., Boquete, Panama

Ed Kuiper met Cecilia when she was 86 years old. She attended his classes in Panama and learned how to do tapping. She learned the procedures well and practiced them and practiced them and practiced them ever day. It saved her life 5 different times…First from a major heart attack and then 4 massive strokes.  We just lost Cecilia two weeks shy of her 90th birthday. She is a great example for all of us. Here is her story as told by her daughter Carmencita. Cecelia was not fully aware of what was happening during the event being described which was the first of her strokes.

I found some photos I took of my Mother during the time of her big cerebral infarction (brain stroke) when I rushed her to the Emergency Clinic. My mom did not know I took the pictures. Guess why I took the pictures? Because she was tapping with her eyes closed!   Then, I rushed her to the Mae Lewis Hospital. The Doctor at Mae Lewis said that when we arrived, millions of brain cells were dying in my Mother´s brain every minute! They rushed her to the cat scan and all along my Mom was tapping and praying That same night, I took pictures of the cat scan showing the entire sections (in white) of Mom´s brain that were dead from (lack of blood flow to those areas). I feel that I have to share these pictures with you because they are proof that my mom, Cecilia, was tapping. She says it all the time, that the "tapping techniques" that Ed taught her were instrumental in her going through the brain stroke and her recovery.


​Dr. Mike M., New Jersey

Many years ago, I was in a double crush car accident which left me with some serious orthopedic and neurological problems. From that day forward I lived with back and neck pain. The only way I gained any relief was from narcotics that were prescribed.  

Because my pain was so disruptive to my life, I looked for ways that might help me. One modality I heard some good things about was EFT (emotional freedom technique). I was fortunate enough to be referred to Ed Kuiper who was located in Naples, Florida where I was spending some time. Ed scheduled an appointment for me to try EFT.  At my appointment, Ed taught me the EFT procedure and I proceeded to do a tapping session for pain relief under his direction. What happened was amazing. For the first time in many years, my back and neck pain were virtually gone. It was an incredible  experience which was very emotional. I even was able to touch my toes 3 or 4 times without pain. As a Doctor, I found this very hard to believe.

I was so impressed with my results that I decided to enroll in an EFT training class Ed was teaching which covered basic and advanced techniques. The information Ed presented and the way he presented it made learning EFT easy. What was nice was that I could take back what I learned to NJ (my main home) and immediately put it to work with my patients.....and friends and family. The results experienced have been excellent.

I continue to use EFT for patients primarily with pain and Anxiety/PTSD. Everyone is pleased with their results. I truly am thankful to Ed for introducing me to EFT.  In summation... EFT is a very positive healing modality which effectively works on the body, emotions and mind. Ed has made a believer out of me and I urge everyone to open their minds and hearts to learn what he is teaching. He is a true Master.”

​Ed Will Work With You in Person, Phone or Skype


In your session with ​him you will learn the exact EFT procedure and tapping points. This will allow you to tap and get rid of any negative issues you may be experiencing. Ed will instruct you as you do this. Generally, only one or two sessions will be necessary. However, sometimes more will be necessary because certain clients have more complicated issues. See "Frequently Asked Questions" for information about complicated issues.
Your cost for a session is $100 whether it is conducted “by phone” “by Skype” or “in person.”

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