​​Looking for a ​Talented Leader to Teach Unique & Stimulating Topics to Your Group?

​​​L​et Ed Kuiper Be Your Teacher!

​​Ed's seminars, workshops and presentations are fun, engaging and stimulating. He has conducted hundreds of them throughout the U​S and Panama.  

With audiences big and small, attendees always are very energized by his teachings and want more.  ​

Here are some comments from prior attendees which are reflective of many comments received:

“​You made an amazing presentation. The work you are doing… is making a huge difference in the lives of others. I am very grateful for the contribution you have made to my life… and to the others who attended your seminar.”

​“Your kindness and “giving” is one-of-a- kind and we are so blessed by your presence and guidance in our lives through your presentations. My miraculous recovery from my brain stroke was directly influenced by your life saving techniques which you taught us and your healing energies

I would like to thank a shining star with the name of Ed Kuiper. After spending two delightful days attending one of his EFT workshops, I have finally cracked the cocoon that I've blanketed myself for over 50 years. So I'm sitting outside that dried up shell that used to be me and am prepared to spread my wings and takeoff! Thanks, Ed.

​​Choose a Popular Presentation, Seminar & Workshop From Below

#1. EFT – The Amazing Tapping Modality 

[This is a 30 minute to 1 hour presentation or seminar]

This presentation will teach you how get rid of physical and emotional issues using EFT.   EFT is a simple, easy to learn technique of tuning into a problem or issue and then tapping certain points on your face, hands and body. Over 90% of the time, the problems or issues disappear immediately. You’ll love it and you’ll walk away knowing you now know how to tap your issues away.

#2. ​Sound Healing– Eliminate Physical & Emotional Issues Using Tuning Forks  

[This is a 30 minute to 1 hour presentation or seminar]

This presentation will provide you with “hands on” ways to use tuning forks to clear physical and emotional issues that may be present in your life or in the lives of others
You’ll hear the sounds and you’ll see and/or experience actual results as they occur. You also will learn how to easily eliminate negative energy from your environment or space.  Results experienced by attendees always are special and magical.    

#3.  Long Distance Healing – Develop an Energetic Healing Connection With Specific People Who Have Physical & Emotional Issues  

[This is a 30 minute to 1 hour presentation or seminar]

Everything and everyone is connected energetically. This means we can transmit energy through that connection to specific people all over the world. who are physically or emotionally distressed. When we do, many times miracles will occur. This presentation will teach you how to do the actual procedure to transmit healing energy. Prior to coming to the presentation, all attendees will be instructed to contact people they know who have issues and tell them they will be transmitting healing energy to them during the presentation. It is an opportunity for attendees to participate in a rewarding and exciting adventure and serve their fellow man. 

#4.  Experience Happiness Now 

[This is a 45 minute to 1 hour presentation or seminar]

Everyone wants to be happy.  A huge shift in consciousness is occurring right now as we move from the 3rd  energy dimension into the 4th and 5th energy dimensions. This presentation will teach you about the dimensions and how happiness is an integral part of them. You also learn how to create instant happiness by doing certain actions. As a presentation highlight, you’ll perform one of those actions with your fellow attendees and get a chance to experience happiness in an exciting unexpected way which will be magical.  Attendees always love this presentation. Yes, it makes them happy.

#5.  Develop Psychic Abilities You ​Don't Know You Have  

[This is a 2 hour workshop]

We all have psychic abilities. Yet most of us have never experienced them first hand. This presentation will teach you about specific psychic abilities you have and enable you to experience them first hand.  Yes, you will have the proof. The abilities are metaphysical in nature, easy to use and not scary. You’ll walk away from this presentation very excited with your new discoveries.

#6. Change Your Energy – Create A New You

[This is a 2 hour workshop]

All of us have negative traits and habits that we truly dislike about ourselves. These traits and habits cause us to radiate negative energy to everyone around us. In this
workshop, you will learn how to modify this negative energy and actually create a “new you” with positive traits you’ve always wanted. This will result in you loving yourself more. People who have participated in this workshop have genuinely been excited at their results, especially when their friends and relatives have told them how different they suddenly have become.

#7.  QiGong – Chinese Exercises That Fill You With Healing Frequencies and Clear Negative Energy Blocks 

[This is a 1 hour workshop]

QiGong was developed by the Chinese over 5,000 years ago. This workshop will teach you a number of healing exercises which are part of Spring Forest QiGong. The exercises are designed to create a flow of healthy energy throughout your entire body which facilitates dissolving negative energy blocks that may be present. It is powerful, effective, relaxing and amazingly simple …something to look forward to every day. When your energy system is clear, you open yourself up to attracting 4th and 5th dimension energy and the magical experiences that accompany them.

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