​Is your family experiencing quarantine stress?

Are you looking for answers?

Are You Ready for a Family that is Whole, Healed and Healthy?

​You can change your family's life start today with EFT Tapping!

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Tapping & Emotional Freedom Technique

fear of public speaking

​​Learn ​to make pain, anxiety, stress, grief, anger, phobias, depression, insomnia, addictions, panic attacks and abuse memories disappear by tapping certain points on your body. ​

Tuning Forks & 
Sound Healing

​Here, you'll learn how to make Tuning Forks radiate special Solfeggio frequencies (sounds) which are spiritual in nature and will help you dissolve negative energy that you may be experiencing. ​​ ​

Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

​Ed's is a master presenter who helps create powerful, comfortable energy for your audience. A seminar with Ed is very uplifting, and these workshops precipitate learning at a very high level.


​Everything in your life is energy. Healing yourself and your family allows more  good into your life. More financial success, more happiness and deeper relationships.

Pros of Tapping and Working With Ed

  • ​Ed's work with clients could be called miracles of self-healing. 
  • So, what exactly is Ed doing? Ed's creating Energy Healing using EFT Tapping and Sound Healing to generate Frequency Healing using Tuning forks and tapping to access your body's natural healing ability.
  • ​Heal naturally, work with Ed Kuiper, author, speaker, seminar leader, and self-healing teacher. 
  • His work will provide you the safety to create healing in yourself.
  • ​No drugs, no chemicals, no harm- just healthy emotional freedom releasing

Cons of Conventional Treatments

  • If you suffer from ANY of the these you can try to treat them with chemicals called drugs. This treatment brings it's own set of problems.  
  •  Or, you can try to ignore these problems- they only get worse.
  • ​You can try to heal yourself -sometimes this works- more often it doesn't
  • Living in physical or emotional pain makes life hard- are you ready for better
  • Are you suffering from a PHOBIA?
  • Do you suffer from ANXIETY?
  • Are you dealing with STRESS?
  • Do you have INSOMNIA?
  • Are you tired of taking drugs and want to heal yourself naturally?.