​Learn How to Heal Yourself

Work with Ed Kuiper, author, speaker, seminar leader, and self-healing teacher. His expansive background includes 40 successful years in the business world  culminating in the successful transition into the field of metaphysics. His work with clients could be called miracles, by helping people learn how to self-heal both short-term & longstanding emotional and physical issues.  So what exactly is Ed doing?

​​He's teaching clients how to heal themselves using:

Tapping & Tuning Forks

​"Yes, They Really Work!"

Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique

​​You will learn how to make pain, anxiety, stress, grief, anger, phobias, depression, insomnia, addictions, panic attacks and abuse memories disappear by tapping certain points on your head, hands and body. ​

Tuning Forks -
Sound Healing

​Here, you'll learn how to make Tuning Forks radiate special Solfeggio frequencies (sounds) which are spiritual in nature and will help you dissolve negative energy that you may be experiencing. ​​ ​

Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

​Ed Kuiper is a master presenter who helps create powerful, comfortable energy for your audience. Not only is a seminar with Ed very uplifting, but these workshops precipitate learning at a very high level.

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When you finally free yourself of emotional and physical issues, you start to feel very happy! Find out more in Ed's book Ride the Happiness Wave 

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About ​Ed Kuiper​

​Ed works with people to help them overcome multiple physical, emotional and mental issues. ​Yes, there are easy procedures he can teach you that you personally can do ​to help eliminate issues. Many times these healing techniques ​can even save your life. This website ​is a gateway to showing you what is possible. 

He now invites you to personally work with him so you can release the healer within yourself and eliminate issues you might be experiencing. You then can teach others how to do the same. Ed will work with you in personal sessions (in person, by phone or by Skype) and at stimulating workshops, seminars and presentations which he conducts. 

You will find that his ​material is very effective and easily learned. Please take a moment and review “Tapping - EFT” and “Tuning Forks - Sound Healing” pages included here as they are the  primary healing methods he uses. 

Then schedule a personal session with him or attend one of his presentations.  

You’ll be giving yourself a wonderful gift that you can use for the rest of your life.

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